Thesis defence

The defense is one of the most important steps in a PhD thesis. It is the result of three years of research work under the supervision of a PhD supervisor.

Before taking any steps towards the defence, it is necessary to have the prior agreement of the latter (cf. article 13.2 of the ED MathSTIC's internal regulations, sorry in French). The following elements give the procedures to follow to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. All PhD students have to read them carefully.

The modalities for the defense

The procedures for defending a PhD thesis in co-accredited institutions of the MathSTIC Doctoral School follow the procedures set up on each site in accordance with Article 13 of the ED MathSTIC's internal regulations (request for authorization to defend, choice of rapporteurs, rules for the composition of the jury, etc.) and in agreement with the laboratories and co-accredited institutions on the site.

Due to COVID-19 crisis, modalities for a defense have been slightly modified on each of the six ED MathSTIC sites. Depending on the site (Angers, Brest, Le Mans, Lorient-Vannes, Nantes or Rennes) you are, you can find them (sorry in French, in section "Modalités de soutenance") here. You can ask for help from your colleagues or your supervisors for translation.

The writing of the thesis document

The PhD student can use the text processing tool (LateX, Word, Open Office, etc.) that best suits him/her to write the content of the thesis. On the other hand, the formats of the thesis covers of the University of Bretagne Loire are declined by doctoral school and by institution. The cover and back cover of all theses defended must conform to the models of the MathSTIC doctoral school:

* You will find here the cover template in Word corresponding to your registration institution.

Writing the thesis document in LaTeX

  • Only the cover page and the 4th cover must respect the charter fixed by the "Ecole des Docteurs" for the MathSTIC doctoral school (cf. Word model above). The format used for the content of the thesis document is free as long as it contains all the information required to allow an evaluation of your thesis work.
  •  On the initiative of two former PhD students of the ED MathSTIC (Louiza Yala 2018, Pierre-Louis Roman 2019), a git repository has been made and allows you to write your whole thesis document in LateX. This template can be used to write the thesis document of other doctoral schools. The readme that appears on the main page explains in French and in English notably the content of the git repository, where and how to fill in the first and fourth cover, how to change the institution delivering the diploma (the one where you are registered).